Help Me Find A Job

When graduates emerge into the job market for the first time they can expect to experience a whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions from, ‘Come on employers, where are you? Form a nice orderly queue!’  to 'I'm not sure who to talk to, I'm afraid, I don't think I can do any of these job roles. Who's going to employ someone like me anyway?'.  These extremes are perfectly normal.

Whatever you're feeling, this website is here to help.  Make sure you sign up to receive our 'Stand Out from the Crowd' blog posts.  Why not come along to a work club or sign up to do the Stand Out course? Work experience opportunities can be sourced through the Gateway programme, so if you’ve just graduated why not apply to take part and give your career a boost? 

Most graduates’ experience is that finding their first ever graduate level job is tougher than they think it’s going to be.  There are some frightening statistics out there at the moment  but here is some good news about working in Cornwall:

For the large corporate employers the average number of applications per job is 70.  In Cornwall it is 22.

When large corporate employers consider taking on a graduate, 76% of them want to see a minimum of a 2:2 result.  Of 453 small to medium sized businesses in the UK, only 1.5% of them cared about degree result.

The top 100 graduate employers state their average starting salary is £29,000.  In 2009 the Higher Education Statistics Authority quoted average starting salaries to be in the region of £15,000 to £23,000.  Employers think graduate salaries should be anywhere from £12,000 to £22,000 with £15,000 to £18,000 being the most popular bracket. In Cornwall, through the Unlocking Potential Scheme, we are looking at a minimum of £16,000 and an average starting salary in excess of £20,000.